At Paris Premium Limo, we believe your time is valuable. This is why we make it our duty to see that you make it to your destination quickly and efficiently. Our Meet and Greet services will make sure you are not wasting any valuable time on your trip, and will provide you the perfect stress-free start or finish to your vacation or business trip. With our Meet and Greet Services, you will enjoy the comfort of knowing you have a professional by your side who will guide you through your airport experience in style. Whether you are just arriving, catching a departing flight, or in transit, Paris Premium Limo guarantees your comfort and peace of mind. With our variety of Meet and Greet services, you will enjoy:


  • Your personal agent waiting for you at the door of the plane.
  • Assistance through the long lines at customs and immigration.
  • Your personal agent escorting you right to your Paris Premium Limo chauffeur.

Landing in a new airport or even a new country can get very disorienting quickly. Whether you are a tourist itching to see the sights of Paris, or a business professional with no time to waste, partner with our Meet and Greet personal agents to get you from your flight, to on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our agent will be waiting for you to personally welcome you to your destination and help you to navigate the first leg of your trip. Our professionals will see to it that you waste no time in the long custom and immigration lines. Bypass these lines while ensuring all of your passport needs are met. Once you are past customs, our Paris Premium Limo Meet and Greet agents will escort you to your personal Paris Premium Limo Chauffeur, and will help you safely stow your luggage and see you off on your journey into Paris.

In Transit:

  • Your personal agent waiting for you at the door of your plane.
  • Assistance to your connecting flight.
  • Ease through customs and passport control.
  • Assistance in collecting and transferring checked luggage from one flight to the next.

Transitioning planes can be stressful, especially in an unfamiliar airport or country. With Paris Premium Limo’s In Transit Meet and Greet service, this process has never been easier. Our agents will ensure that your transition is smooth and efficient from stepping off the first plane to boarding the next. Enjoy the comfort and assistance from your own personal agent from the moment you exit your flight. From there, your personal agent will help you navigate to your next flight, whisking you past customs and passport control, and immigration lines with ease. Your Meet and Greet agent will also handle any necessary luggage collections and transfers, making sure your bags are rechecked and on your next flight before you are. Don’t stress about transitioning planes in a foreign country, Paris Premium Limo will make sure everything is in order for you, all you have to worry about is reaching your destination.


  • Contact with your agent before reaching the airport for updates on flight status.
  • Full assistance checking into your departing flight.
  • Full assistance with your departure including immigration and passport lines.
  • An escort to your gate.

Your trip through Paris has come to an end, cap off your experience knowing that our Paris Premium Limo’s Departure Meet and Greet service will get you home safely and without stress. Receive by the moment updates from your personal agent who is waiting for you at the airport before you even get there. Once at the airport, enjoy professional assistance checking into your flight, and ensuring all of your documents are in order to breeze through the customs and passport lines. With all of your extra time, enjoy some duty-free shopping or stop in the airport lounge before being escorted to your gate and sent safely on your way.

Let us make your travel experience easy. Meet and Greet services with Paris Premium Limo will escort you through every step of the way, making sure your travel experience is stress-free from start to finish for one reasonable price. Paris Premium Limo prides itself on transparency, which is why you won’t receive any hidden fees when you book a Meet and Greet with us and the price you see is the price you pay! Contact us for more information or book your Meet and Greet online today!

We also like to friendly remind our clients to Ride Responsibly® and Think Before You App®. Paris Premium Limo proudly supports the "Ride Responsibly® movement and would like to remind all of the inherent danger of ride-hailing apps that do not undergo careful screening and urge them to be safe when getting in the car with someone they don’t know.

Paris Premium Limo is also approved by the Ministry of Transport and are proud members of the National Limousine Association. As such, each of our drivers undergo a thorough screening process to ensure that our passengers have a quality experience with a driver they can trust. The safety and needs and comfort of our clients are our top priority. Paris Premium Limousines prides itself on providing customer care and ensuring a great experience.


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